Tractagri HDZ FE 10W-30

Low-SAPS lubricant especially developed for engines used in tractors and agricultural equipments, with or without Diesel particulate filters, with Fuel Economy technology.

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* TOTAL TRACTAGRI HDZ FE 10W-30 has been specially developed for agricultural Diesel engines that meet European standard Stage IV and American standard EPA Tier 4 final or lower emission standards.
* Thanks to its low-SAPS (low Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) technology, TOTAL TRACTAGRI HDZ FE 10W-30 is designed for the latest Diesel engines equipped with post-treatment systems, such as Diesel particulate filters (DPF).
* TOTAL TRACTAGRI HDZ FE 10W-30 is recommended, throughout the year, for engines of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural equipments. This lubricant is adapted to all engines of old or recent generation regardless to any brands or types.


* Its FUEL ECONOMY technology helps save up to 4% fuel, compared to an SAE 40-grade reference lubricant. This value can reach up to 6% if used in combination with Fuel Economy transmission lubricant TOTAL DYNATRANS VX FE.
* TOTAL TRACTAGRI HDZ FE 10W-30 exhibits excellent thermal stability ensuring efficient lubrication of hot engine parts during severe and long working periods, even in summer.
* The advanced low-SAPS formulation of TOTAL TRACTAGRI HDZ FE 10W-30 helps prevent the clogging of the Diesel particulate filter (DPF) and extends the post-treatment system durability.

Tech Spec

* ACEA E9 / E7 / E5
* API CJ-4 / CI-4 plus / CI-4 / SM


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