Traxium Gear 8 FE 75W-80

Traxium Gear 8 FE 75W-80 is a fuel-economy manual transmission oil designed for commercial vehicles.

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* Traxium Gear 8 FE 75W-80 is a fuel-economy manual transmission oil for commercial vehicles.
* Traxium Gear 8 FE 75W-80 is recommended for commercial vehicles with ZF, EATON and certain VOLVO gearboxes. it is also suitable for manual transmissions of most OEM like MAN, IVECO, DAF and RENAULT.
* Traxium Gear 8 FE 75W-80 has approved ZF TE-ML 01L and 02L ensuring compatibility with latest gearboxes equipped with carbon and molybdenum synchronizers.


* Reduced fuel consumption in comparison with standard lubricants due to TOTAL™s Fuel Economy technology.
* Reduced cost of maintenance: specially formulated to reach the drain intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
* Improved protection of manual gearboxes against wear and corrosion due to extreme-pressure properties of oil.
* Improved driver start up experience: low temperature fluidity due to a high viscosity index, generating benefits during cold starts and limiting drag losses and fuel consumption.
* Improved stability in operation due to high viscosity index
* High compatibility with oil filters due to antifoam properties
* Improved gear engagement: gear shiftability with a variety of synchroniser materials such as sinter, molybdenum and carbon.

Tech Spec

  • API GL-4
  • MAN 341 type E-3/Z-4
  • ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K
  • VOLVO 97307
  • DAF


    • Technical data sheet – Download
    • Material Safety Data Sheet – Available upon request


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