Triple Plus

A high active Traffic Film Remover containing a synergistic blend of surface-active
agents, emulsifier, sequestering agents and alkali builders. Contains a Rinse Aid for
improved finish.
For the exterior cleaning of commercial vehicles. Removes traffic film, oil and grease.
Ideal for chassis cleaning. Product is normally applied with a high pressure cleaner.



For vehicle body washing, the detergent control of the machine should be adjusted to give
the desired cleaning effect. This is normally between 1.5% and 4%, but may be adjusted
according to the type of machine, extent of soiling, and other working conditions. Apply
the solution from the bottom of the vehicle and working upwards. If a hot water pressure
cleaner is used, optimum performance is achieved at a temperature of 400C. Extra care
should be taken when washing in strong sunlight. Check the surface temperature, and if it
feels hot to the touch, then cool down with water before applying the solution. Do not
allow the solution to dry out on the vehicle. After a suitable contact time, rinse thoroughly
with high pressure water. For best results, dry all glass with a squeegee or leather after
cleaning. For engin


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