Xenith Pro-FX 0W-30

Xenith Pro-FX 0W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is a fully synthetic engine oil suitable for Ford Diesel TDCi Engines, Any Ford engine requiring ACEA C2 specification (2015 onwards). Also suitable for Euro 6 Kia, Honda and Hyundai Engines.



* Finol Challenge Pro F 0W/30 is a highly charged formula which fortifies the anti-oxidation properties of the engine oil, offering enhanced protection against sludge formation, corrosion and wear caused by friction.
*This high-performance synthetic technology lubricant, intended for lubricating the latest generation of Gasoline and Diesel car engines respecting the Euro V and Euro V1 norms.
* Finol Challenge Pro F 0w30 is formulated to answer to the stringent needs of the latest Ford diesel engines requiring a 0W30 lubricant.


Extended engine lifetime: Ensures outstanding engine longevity, thanks to its magnified oxidation resistance.
Excellent engine cleanliness and protection: Ensures optimum engine cleanliness, thanks to its superior detergent and dispersion properties.
• Enhanced wear protection: Provides excellent global wear protection to engines, thanks to its sophisticated combination of cutting-edge additives and base oils.
Protection of Diesel Particulate Filter: Enables, thanks to low rates of sulphur, ashes and phosphorus (low SAPS), durability of post-treatment systems (in particular the DPF) that enables high reduction of pollutant emissions. Improved cold start properties: This lubricant make cold starts easier, even at very low temperatures

Tech Spec

  • ACEA C2
  • FORD: WSS-M2C950-A (meets the requirements)
  • STJLR.03.5007


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