Xenith Pro V 0W-30

Xenith 0W30 is a fully synthetic engine oil most suitable for Volvo vehicles that require a Volvo VCC 95200356 specification



* Can be used for all Petrol and Diesel engines, especially suited for the most recent engines. The vehicle owner manual should be checked before using.
* Satisfies the most difficult using conditions (city, road, motorway).
* Is suitable for all driving types, in particular for sporting or intense drive and for every season.


Engine protection, cleanliness and performance: This oil contains detergent and dispersive additives that keep the engine clean and thus preserve its power
Easier cold starts: Finol Challenge Pro E 0W-30 is perfectly adapted for cold starting in extreme weather conditions and ensures a good protection of mechanical parts at high temperatures.
Fuel Savings: Thanks to Its exceptional fluidity, this oil reduces friction and therefore
creates significant fuel savings and reduces CO2 emissions
Anti-wear protection: this oil ensures optimum engine longevity with its anti-wear properties that protect the engine’s most sensitive parts
Oxidation resistance: this lubricant allows extra long drain intervals.

Tech Spec

* ACEA A3/B4

* VW 502/505
* MB 229.5
*Volvo VCC 95200356


  • Material Safety Data Sheet – Download
  • Technical data sheet – Download

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