Interested in Reselling

Our eyecatching point of sale displays and stands will increase your lubricants sales while also expanding the knowledge of your customers  and helping them choose the correct lubricants. Far too often consumers purchase their oil from plain shelves without any idea of what their picking up is correct. As all retailers should know, the more a customer is informed the more likelihood of making that sale.

DIsplay stands

Free standing point of sale trolleys

For forecourts or those with large retail space, a Total or Elf freestanding trolley has 4 shelves and can hold 5L and 1L packs. The Top imagery also contains information for the consumer on the main products to be sold.  These are supplied with wheels for easy movement and transport. 

Rack Stands

Countertop display stand

Smaller than the trolleys, these contain two shelves, one for 5L containers and 1L bottles. Each stand has attached a holder for oil information leaflets for the customer to choose from. The back of the stands contains information for the salesperson in helping your customer make their choice. Placing these on a counter top near a till or checkout will attract the customer’s attention. 

Counter top information

Drum Racks

For larger factors or industry supply premises, Finol have engineered specific drum racking displays where you can store 20L drums within easy reach of the customer. These also can act as a space saver as you can store up high and leave valuable real estate for other products.  

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