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Maintaining your farming machinery is crucial to reaching your production goals and reducing downtime. That’s why Finol Oils offers Total Agri, a dedicated range for the agricultural sector.

Total agri – the best in field


2020 was a year like no other. Every industry and sector saw dramatic changes in both their everyday operations, processes and standards. These challenges were felt by every company, business and person in Ireland. The Agricultural industry was no different.

2021 has seen the year start with a lockdown that will be felt nationwide. But farming doesn’t do lockdowns. Very few activities are as time-sensitive as agriculture and the biggest roadblock right now is downtime. Machinery off the field leads to a loss in revenue and with the business pressures we currently face, it can be catastrophic.

Fields need to be tilled and fertilised in March; crops will then need to be harvested. The seasonality of this sector means that these activities can’t be put on hold. Every second on the field counts in maintaining your production goals.

That’s why it is vital to use the correct lubricants in your machinery, ensuring that you are never off the field when you need to be.



December 2016 saw the introduction of API CK-4 engine oil specifications. These oils are designed to provide enhanced protection against oil oxidation and maintain viscosity against factors such as shearing and aeration. Total Tractagri takes this one step further, providing a range of engine oils offering exceptional engine protection and extended drain intervals for the latest and earlier generations of engines.

Up to 76% improvement against oil compared to API CK-4 industry Limits.*

*Volvo T13 (KV40 increase 300-360h)


Total Tractagri HDZ 15W-40 & 10W-40: The formulation of these products contain the perfect combination of strong antioxidant molecules. These molecules prevent the formation of deposits and keep the hydrocarbon chains intact. As a result, the engine oil viscosity remains stable for longer, increasing the protection of engine parts during intense and extended working periods.

Total Tractagri HDZ FE 10W-30: This fuel economy product helps save up to 4% fuel, compared to an SAE 40-grade lubricant. The synthetic technology used in this lubricant ensures that Tractagri HDZ FE 10W-30 provides excellent thermal stability, a key process in extending work hours and drain intervals.

Total Dynatrans – Powering Your Farm


Using the latest innovations in lubricant technology, the Dynatrans range of API GL-4 transmission fluids includes products suitable for mechanical transmissions, hydraulic systems, axles and differentials, brakes and more. Protecting parts and reducing friction, noise and vibration. These products promote cleanliness in the machinery and help it function efficiently.

Thanks to its advanced technology, products such as Dynatrans MPV have enhanced oxidation stability and shear resistance compared to the industry limits. As a result, the machine’s performance and lifetime can be extended.

Up to 26% higher compared industry Limits.*

*GIMA M1145 KRL 20h

Dynatrans MPV: Specially developed for transmissions with wet brakes requiring an API GL-4 lubricant with a 10W-30 or 80W viscosity grade and more generally to any transmissions requiring an UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmissions Oil) lubricant.

Dynatrans MPV provides excellent low-temperature performances (protects friction brakes against sticking) and high-temperature performances (protects against judder or excessive slip). It also has tremendous extreme pressure and anti-wear properties giving optimum protection of gears and hydraulic components.

Dynatrans VXFE: This lubricant has an improved durability thanks to its non-conventional base oil nature. Its flow and friction characteristics based on Fuel Economy technology generate a reduction of the mechanical energy losses in the lubricated organ and then a fuel consumption reduction and up to 6% if used in combination with Tractagri HDZ FE 10W-30.









All of the products mentioned share one key trait. They have been specifically designed for the agricultural sector with a tailored solution for all farming equipment. Reliable, durable, cost-effective and innovative – our products meet the needs of today’s farmers.  The Total Agri range is available through Finol Oils, the authorised distributor of Total Lubricants in Ireland.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Finol deliver a complete range of leading products and services that are unrivalled within the Irish market. Contact our dedicated technical team today at 01-4555484 or go to www.finol.ie/contact-us for more information on these market-leading lubricants.