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Sales Queries

Q. How do I place an order with Finol?

Q. How do I get the contact details for the Area Business Manager for my area?

Q. Can I buy direct from Finol?

Q. Can I buy small packs individually from Finol?

Q. Where can I find my local reseller?

Q. Where do I get pricing for products?

Q. How can I check stock availability?

Delivery Queries

Q. What are Finol’s delivery terms?

Q. Can I get next day delivery?

Technical Queries

Q. How do I find out which oil I need if I’m not sure?

Q. Where can I get product comparisons for other brands of products I am already using?


Q. Does Finol supply Adblue®?

Lubricant Equipment

Q. Does Finol supply lubricant equipment?

About Finol

Q. What do Finol do?

Q. Can I be sure of the quality of your product?

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