Finol Technical support

Which Oil? Is a question we get asked here every day, and were only too happy to answer. All our office and sales staff are trained in the correct use of oils and can find out what oil you need in quick fashion. If its engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil we got you covered. 

Technical SupportAlternatively check out our ‘which oil’ blog, where we try to answer your tech questions in clear and concise articles. From here you can check out our ‘Which Oil’ application and find your oil requirements right now. 

We do however always recommend you check your owners manual to confirm the right oil for your vehicle 


Oil Comparison

If a manufacturer has made a mistake and omitted a Total and Elf oil from their manual, let us know what brand and product they recommend and we can get you our equivalent product. 

Get in touch with our tech support team now and make sure you are using the correct oils for your requirements.