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Does Engine Oil Breakdown?

Does engine oil breakdown? It’s common knowledge that at some point engine oil has to be changed. Regularly changing your car's engine oil and filter are one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running efficiently. Over a period of...

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What are Oil Additives?

Why do we need oil additives?   As we have seen from our previous articles, engine oil has a number of key functions to perform. They reduce friction between the moving parts of your engine and protect metallic surfaces from corrosion. They can also...

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Reade takes Monoposto title

  With 2 wins over the course of a 3 race weekend, Mark Reade and the Leastone Racing Team secured the 2017 Monoposto MonoMoto 1000 crown at Donington Park last weekend. A DNF in the second of the weekend’s races meant that things were not as easy as...

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Synthetic vs Mineral Engine Oils

Synthetic vs Mineral Engine Oils As we have seen in our previous articles, engine oil comes in a number of grades, viscosities and contain various additives. Another option that will find is whether you are buying synthetic or conventional engine oil....

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Product Focus -Tractagri HDZ 10W-40

Tractagri HDZ 10W-40 Engine Oil Finol Oils provide an extensive range of high technology Total Agri lubricants that are dedicated to the agricultural sector. This range has been designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated technological demands that...

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A Guide to Food Grade Lubricants

A guide to food grade lubricants For companies that operate in sectors that deal with food, drink or medication, health and safety are by far their biggest priority. High standards of hygiene and sanitation are expected all the way from production to the...

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