Extreme-pressure water resistant high temperature NEW GENERATION calcium sulfonate complex grease, in a screw in Cartridge.
Multi purpose heavy duty water resistant grease. Shock loaded applications in industry even in severe
demanding environment (water, dust, high temperature).

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* CERAN XM 220 is made of the NEW GENERATION calcium sulfonate complex soap designed by TOTAL Lubrifiants. This new soap has enhanced properties in terms of water resistance, load capacity, thermal resistance, anti corrosion properties while keeping a very high level of pump-ability and ability to lubricate well in case of high speeds.
* CERAN XM 220 is suitable for the lubrication of all kinds of components subject to high loads, shocks, working in conditions where the grease is in frequent contact with water (even sea water due to enhanced anti-rust performances).
* CERAN XM 220 is suitable for the lubrication of continuous castings and rolling mills in steel plants, bearings in wet and dry (felt rolls) sections of paper mills and all industrial applications under severe conditions (wet, loaded, high temperature, dust,¦)
* CERAN XM 220 is suitable for use in centralized greasing systems.


* The NEW GENERATION of calcium sulfonate complex soap developed by TOTAL Lubrifiants allows CERAN XM 220 to work well in bearings even if rotation speeds are high. CERAN XM 220 presents outstanding performances even at high nDm where the NEW GENERATION keeps all benefits in terms of corrosion protection, bearings lifetime, high loads and thermal resistance.
* Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties thanks to the excellent behavior of the calcium sulfonates, also in the presence of sea water.
* The NEW GENERATION of calcium sulfonate complex soap allows to keep outstanding CERANXM 220 performances even in case of high speed applications where normally polyurea or lithium complex greases are requested.
* CERAN XM 220 does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.

Tech Spec

* ISO 6743-9: L-XBFIB 1/2
* DIN 51 502: KP1/2R -30


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