Quartz INEO Long Life 5w30

The new generation of Low SAPS engine oil specially formulated to meet the technical requirements of Volkswagen group vehicles. Its very high-tech performance optimises the way in which anti-pollution systems – such as Particulate Filters – operate.

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* QUARTZ INEO LONG LIFE 5W30 is suitable for all Gasoline and Diesel engines, including the most recent, which comply with Euro V polluting emissions reduction norms in particular.
* It optimises anti-pollution systems, Particulate Filters (PF) in particular.
* It provides engines with excellent protection against wear, ensures they stay ultra clean and allows for longer intervals between oil changes.
* It performs even in the most demanding driving conditions (city, major roads, motorways). It is suited to every kind of driving style, especially sporty, high-speed and all-season driving.


* Ensure the Particulate Filter lifetime, preventing it from getting clogged up prematurely (its metallic component content is lower than that of an oil made using conventional technology).
* Environmentally friendly, ensures that the engine’s anti-pollution systems perform optimally.
* Provides the engine with excellent protection and ensures that it remains clean
* Exceeds standards in ensuring engine sustainability and satisfies the most demanding manufacturer service plans by allowing for extra-long oil change intervals, thanks to excellent resistance levels against oxidation.

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