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Fuelling the Drive for Lower Emissions and Savings of €22,000


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    Running a fleet of 30 trucks that provides haulage services throughout Europe is a costly investment for any business. Coupled with stricter emission standards, companies are tasked with protecting both the environment and costs. When Finol Oils approached McArdle Skeath about trialling the fuel economy-focused Total Rubia FE Lubricant Range, they welcomed the opportunity to see how their emissions could be lowered and their fuel costs dramatically reduced.


    For over 50 years, McArdle Skeath has been a leading supply chain service within the Irish market. Offering a tailored portfolio of services with the areas of Transportation, Refrigeration, Storage and Value-Added Services, they supply some of Irelands largest food ingredient and pharmaceutical companies. With a workforce of 150 people, their continued growth has been achieved with a philosophy that builds customer trust through market-leading standards in their service, cost containment, safety and most importantly reliability.



    “We are continuously looking for ways to improve and become more environmentally friendly and when we thought there could be an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint, we were keen to take part in the Total Rubia Fuel Economy trial with Finol Oils.”

    Garage Manager, McArdle Skeath

    McArdle Skeath currently runs a fleet of 30 trucks (20 Scania, 10 Volvo), with their Scania’s travelling over 2,000,000km per year. One key area that McArdle Skeath wanted to focus on is reducing its carbon footprint. The added bonus of lower fuel costs meant that Total Rubia TIR 9900 FE 5W-30 was the lubricant of choice.

    Total Rubia TIR 9900 FE 5W-30 is specifically formulated with fuel economy technology which helps fleets save on average 1% on fuel compared to a 10W-40. Greater fuel economy means less fuel will be burned, which in turn results in reduced emissions, which is ideal if we hope to achieve the aforementioned emission standards.

    With their Scania fleet running on the LDF-3 approved engine oil Total Rubia TIR 8600 10W-40, extended oil drain periods were already an option due to the advanced technology used in this engine oil. It was extremely important then to highlight the potential benefits a shift to Total Rubia 9900 FE 5W-30, an LDF-4 approved Scania engine oil, contains.

    To begin the trial, data was taken from a 171 Scania running on Total Rubia TIR 8600 10W-40. Travelling 56,700km, fuel used equated to 18,631.5 litres or 32.86 litres per 100km. During the trucks next service, Total Rubia 9900 FE 5W-30 was swapped in. The results made for an eye-catching read.

    The Results

    Travelling just over 57,515km, fuel consumed by the Scania equated to 18,230 litres or 31.7 litres per 100km. This meant that Total Rubia was helping reduce fuel consumption by more than 1 litre per 100km. By switching their Scania fleet to Total Rubia 9900 FE 5W-30, annual fuel savings would total €21,924 when we consider the current cost of diesel. Fuel savings were not the only benefit highlighted. With approximately 2.64kg of CO2 found in a litre of diesel, the switch to Rubia 9900 FE 5W-30 would lead to a 55,123kg reduction in their carbon footprint. Calculate your potential savings here.

    “The trial proved that not only could we save money by using Finol through the Total Rubia range, but we could also reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. It’s a win-win.”

    Garage Manager, McArdle Skeath

    *Results based on the following assumptions/facts:

    The results related to the Scania is based on the vehicle travelling the same distance. The cost of fuel is assumed to be the same as €1.03 (ex VAT) in accordance with February 2021 pricing www.theaa.ie/aa/motoring-advice/petrol-prices.aspx All figures related to distance travelled and vehicle performance was provided by the team at McArdle Skeath. Results are specific to McArdle Skeath and will differ between sites. 

    Total Rubia TIR 9900 FE 5W-30


    Total Rubia 9900 FE 5W-30 is a synthetic, E6 lubricant from the Total fuel economy range. This cutting-edge engine oil is suitable for use in heavy-duty diesel applications. Total Rubia 9900’s low SAPS technology is specifically adapted to the latest generation of diesel engines equipped with post-treatment systems, such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Especially suitable for most Euro 6 vehicle manufacturers, Total Rubia TIR 9900 FE 5W-30 allows managers to cover a fleet of mixed brands with a minimal number of products.


    • Due to high-quality synthetic base stocks and high-performance additives, Total Rubia TIR 9900 FE 5W-30 exhibits exceptional performances in thermal stability, and easier cold starts.
    • Detergent, antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives contained in help it to reach extended oil drain intervals (defined by most manufacturers) and reduce maintenance costs.
    • Outstanding detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keep the engine clean and allow effective control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.
    • Excellent piston cleanliness performance provides effective protection against bore polishing and cylinder wear.
    • Advanced low SAPS formulations help prevent the clogging of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and extends the post-treatment system durability.
    • Its Fuel Economy technology helps save 1% fuel on average, compared to an SAE 40-grade reference lubricant. This value can reach 3% if used in combination with Fuel Economy transmission lubricants.

    To find out more about Finol’s range of fuel economy lubricants, go to www.finol.ie/tir-technology or to talk to one of our technical team members at 01-455 5484.