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Loading Shovels, Excavators, All plant and machinery. We have the right oil for your machinery.

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Rubia TIR 7400 15W-40

A mineral lubricant suitable for on-road diesel en - Read More

Rubia Works 2500 10W-40

Rubia Works 2500 10W-40 is a “Low SAPS” lubric - Read More

Rubia Works 2000 10W-40

A "Low SAPS lubricant especially developed for ear - Read More


A very high performance Low SAPS lubricant special - Read More

TP Star Trans 80W-110

An extremely high-performing engine oil specially - Read More

Performance LS E9 10W-30

Performance LS E9 10W-30 Semi-synthetic low-SAPS l - Read More

Performance S10

Performance S10 is especially recommended for hyd - Read More

Rubia Works 1000 15W40

Rubia Works 1000 15W-40 is a high-performance engi - Read More

Performance S 20W-20

Finol Performance 20W-20 is a mineral lubricant re - Read More

Dynatrans AC 30

Lubricants for hydraulic systems and transmission - Read More

Hydraulic HV Range

The Finol Hydraulic HV range is a high viscosity - Read More

Hydraulic Oil LZ Range

With high performance and anti-wear properties, th - Read More

Traxium Gear 9 FE 75W-90

Traxium Gear 9 FE 75W-90 is a fully synthetic gear - Read More

Fluide XLD FE


Fluide G3

Fluid for automatic transmissions and hydraulic sy - Read More

Dynatrans MPV

Lubricant for wet disk brake transmissions and hyd - Read More

Dynatrans VX FE

Dynatrans VX FE is a high performance, Fuel Econom - Read More

Dynatrans DA 85w140

Lubricant for axles equipped with limited-slip dif - Read More

Dynatrans FR

Lubricant for transmissions equipped with wet disk - Read More

Transmission ATF DIII

Finol Transmission ATF D III is an automatic trans - Read More

Transmission TO4 Range

Finol Transmission TO4 Range Lubricant for hydrau - Read More

Gear Oil LS 80W-90

Finol gear oil LS 80W-90 is a specially formulated - Read More

Gear Oil EP Range

The Gear Oil EP range are superior quality gear oi - Read More

BioMultis SEP 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure biodegradable lithi - Read More

Multis Complex EP 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature li - Read More

Multis Complex HV 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature li - Read More

Multis EP 0

Multi purpose extreme pressure semi-fluid lithium/ - Read More

Multis EP 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature li - Read More

Multis MS 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure lithium/calcium gre - Read More

Multi EPL 0

Multi EPL 0 is a Multi-purpose extreme-pressure li - Read More

Multi EPL 00

A multi-purpose extreme pressure semi-fluid lithiu - Read More

Multi EPL 1

Multi EPL 1 is aMulti-purpose extreme-pressure lit - Read More

Multi EPL 2 Complex Red

Multi Complex EPL 2 Red is a specially developed m - Read More

Multi EPL 3

Multi EPL 3 is a Multi-purpose extreme-pressure li - Read More


A very long life ready to use coolant based on mon - Read More

Glacelf Auto Supra

A very long life concentrate antifreeze based on h - Read More


TOTAL COOLELF SI-OAT is a very-long-life coolant m - Read More

Glacelf MDX

When GLACELF MDX antifreeze is mixed with an appro - Read More


TOTAL GLACELF SI-OAT is a "very long life" antifre - Read More


COOLELF CLASSIC 26°C is a coolant fluid based on - Read More

Glacelf Classic

A concentrate antifreeze based on monoethylene gly - Read More

Finol HiTech Concentrate

Finol Hitech Concentrate is a “very long life” - Read More


Finol Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol based antif - Read More