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At Finol, we cater for all Trucks, Buses and Fleet Vehicles with our extensive range of Oils and Lubricants. Our Premium Products will ensure your vehicles are well-maintained for heavy duty activities on the road. We offer an extensive range of Hydraulic Oils, Grease, AdBlue, Engine Oil, Gear Oil as well as Antifreeze and Coolants. If you require a Quote, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Hydraulic HV Range

The Finol Hydraulic HV range is a high viscosity - Read More

Performance S 20W-20

Finol Performance 20W-20 is a mineral lubricant re - Read More

Multis EP 0

Multi purpose extreme pressure semi-fluid lithium/ - Read More

Multis Complex EP 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature li - Read More

Multis EP 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature li - Read More

Multi EPL 1

Multi EPL 1 is aMulti-purpose extreme-pressure lit - Read More

Multi EPL 3

Multi EPL 3 is a Multi-purpose extreme-pressure li - Read More

Multi EPL 0

Multi EPL 0 is a Multi-purpose extreme-pressure li - Read More

Multi EPL 00

A multi-purpose extreme pressure semi-fluid lithiu - Read More

Ad Blue

AdBlue is a high purity operating fluid, used in t - Read More

Rubia S 10

Diesel engine type lubricant for hydraulic applica - Read More

Rubia S 30

Monograde lubricant that is suitable for all turbo - Read More

Performance S10

Performance S10 is especially recommended for hyd - Read More

Performance S 40

Finol Performance S 40 is a mineral lubricant, sui - Read More

Performance S 30

Finol Performance S 30 is a mineral lubricant, sui - Read More

Fluide XLD FE



Automatic transmission fluid for general purpose u - Read More

Fluide G3

Fluid for automatic transmissions and hydraulic sy - Read More

Gear Oil EP Range

The Gear Oil EP range are superior quality gear oi - Read More

Gear Oil LS 80W-90

Finol gear oil LS 80W-90 is a specially formulated - Read More

Gear Oil EP 80W-90

Finol Gear Oil EP 80W-90 is extreme pressure miner - Read More

Gear Oil EP 85W-140

Gear Oil EP 85W-140 is a high performance oil deve - Read More

EP B 85W-90

Gear Oil EP B 85W-90 oil particulary adapted for M - Read More

Transmission ATF DII

Finol ATF DII is a high-performance automatic tra - Read More

Glacelf Classic

A concentrate antifreeze based on monoethylene gly - Read More

Glacelf Auto Supra

A very long life concentrate antifreeze based on h - Read More

Glacelf MDX

When GLACELF MDX antifreeze is mixed with an appro - Read More


Finol Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol based antif - Read More


TOTAL COOLELF SI-OAT is a very-long-life coolant m - Read More


TOTAL GLACELF SI-OAT is a "very long life" antifre - Read More

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