5 Main Functions of Engine Oils
Engine oil can at times be taken for granted and its importance not truly understood. But did you know that there are 5 Main Functions of Engine Oil that are performed to ensure that your vehicle operates to the best of its ability? Not only will it act as a lubricant and reduce the wear on moving parts, Engine Oils also perform 4 other functions that are integral in both the performance and longevity of your Engine.



Engine Protection

Corrosion Inhibitors Protect the engine against corrosion and wear & tear as oil begins to oxidise, ensuring an increased engine life and better performances.





Fuel Efficiency

Reduces metal to metal contact between the moving parts of the engine by separating them with a film of oil. This reduction in friction increases engine performance & reduces fuel consumption.

Engine Cleanliness




Detergents that are part of the additive packages Remove impurities to the oil filter and clean existing deposits and foreign substances in the engine, achieving engine cleanliness & preventing it from serious damage.



Improved Engine Performance

Engine Oils act as a Seal space between the piston & cylinder as they are not completely smooth These gaps are filled by the Engine Oil optimising engine performances and efficiency.




Engine Oil Temperature

The coolant system based in engines cools the upper engine and it’s parts. Engine Oil Cools the engine, preventing energy loss, & engine deterioration.

Range of Engine Oils

How to Choose the Right Engine Oils?

To choose the most suitable engine oils for your vehicle, you can use our innovative “Which Oil?” App which you can use on your desktop or on the move on your mobile. For the fast and easy way of finding the right oil for you, go to www.whichoil.ie for the app or check out our Finol news page to stay up to date with all activities in Finol and tips to help you choose the right oil for your vehicle.