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Engine Oil

Finol is a leading distributor of Finol, Total, Elf Oils and Lubricants for the Automotive Industry in Ireland. Our extensive range covers Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Antifreeze and Coolants as well as Brake Fluid. To get a Free Quote or Request a Call Back on any of our automotive products, don't hesitate to contact our experienced staff today!

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Quartz Ineo First 0W30

Total Quartz Ineo First 0W30 is used by PSA Peugeo - Read More

Evolution 900 SXR 5w30

Elf Evolution 900 SXR 5W-30 is a very high-perform - Read More

Quartz 9000 Energy 0W-40

Quartz 9000 Energy 0W-40 is a synthetic technology - Read More

Challenge A3/B4 5W/40

Challenge A3 /B4 5W40 is a synthetic technology en - Read More

Challenge Pro 5W-40

Finol Challenge Pro 5W/40 is a premium synthetic t - Read More

Challenge Pro C3 5W-30

Finol Challenge Pro C3 5W-30 is synthetic Low SAPS - Read More

Challenge Pro S 0W-16

Finol Challenge Pro S 0W16 is an engine oil using - Read More

Challenge Pro V 0W-20

Finol Challenge Pro V 0W-20 is a premium, syntheti - Read More

Classic C2 C3 5W-30

Classic C2/C3 5W-30 is a high performance, synthet - Read More

Sporti 7 A3B4 10W40

Sporti 7 A3/B4 10W/40 is a synthetic based lubrica - Read More

Sporti 9 5W-40

Sporti 9 high-performance synthetic technology lub - Read More

Sporti 9 A5B5 5W-30

Sporti 9 A5/B5 5W-30 is a high-performance lubrica - Read More

Sporti 9 C2/C3 5W/30

Sporti 9 C2/C3 5W-30 is a high-performance synthe - Read More

Sporti 9 C3 5W/30

Sporti 9 C3 5W-30 is a high-performance synthetic - Read More

Sporti 9 Long Life 5w-30

Sporti 9 long life 5W-30 is a high-performance syn - Read More

Quartz INEO ECS 5w30

Low SAPS generation oil especially developed for P - Read More

Quartz INEO MC3 5w40

Synthetic technology and Low SAPS motor oil develo - Read More


A synthetic Low SAPS engine oil specially formulat - Read More

Quartz INEO C1 5W30

A high performance synthetic lubricant particularl - Read More


A high-performance, latest generation, synthetic e - Read More

QUARTZ 9000 0W30

100% synthetic, very high performance lubricant de - Read More

Quartz 9000 Future 0w20

Synthetic technology multigrade oil specially reco - Read More


100% synthetic lubricant, TOTAL technology, very h - Read More

QUARTZ 9000 5W-40

Synthetic technology multigrade oil for petrol and - Read More

QUARTZ 7000 10W-40

A very high performance semi-synthetic oil, specia - Read More

Quartz Racing 10w50

Synthetic multigrade oil for Petrol and Diesel eng - Read More

Total Classic 5w30

Synthetic technology multigrade oil for petrol and - Read More

Classic 5w40 Engine Oil

Synthetic technology multigrade oil for petrol and - Read More

Classic 10W-40

Synthetic based multigrade oil for petrol and dies - Read More

Classic C2 5w30

Synthetic technology multigrade oil for Petrol and - Read More

Evolution 900 SXR 5w40

Formally known as Elf Evolution SXR 5W-40, Elf Evo - Read More

Evolution 700 ST 10W40

Formally Elf Competition ST 10W-40. This is a very - Read More

Sporti TXI C3 5W-30

A high performance lubricant using ELF synthetic t - Read More

Sporti TXI 10W-40

A modern multigrade oil for recent technology engi - Read More

Premier Plus 10W/40

A high quality, synthetically fortified semi-synth - Read More

Challenge 10W-40

A high-quality synthetic based engine oil, Finol C - Read More

Challenge A5-B5 5W-30

Challenge A5/B5 5W30 is a Synthetic technology mul - Read More


Finol Challenge Pro C1 5W-30: is high-performance - Read More


Challenge Pro C4 N 5W-30 is a very high-performanc - Read More

Challenge Pro E 0W-30

Finol Challenge Pro E 0W30 is a synthetic technolo - Read More

Challenge Pro F 0W30

FInol Challenge Pro F 0W30 is a fully synthetic en - Read More

Challenge Pro G5 0W-20

Finol Challenge Pro GF5 0W20 is a synthetic techno - Read More

Solna SAE Range

A specialist high quality, low detergent/dispersan - Read More

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