Xenith Pro-D 5W-40

Xenith Pro-D 5W-40 is a premium synthetic technology engine oil developed for petrol & diesel engines.



  • Xenith Pro-D 5W-40 is a synthetic technology engine oil that has been developed to cover the requirements of petrol and diesel passengers cars engines. It is particularly suitable for turbo-compressed, multi-valve and direct injection diesel engines.
  • Xenith Pro-D 5W-40 is perfectly suited to engines with catalytic converters and all engines using lead-free fuel or LPG.


  • This oil ensures optimum engine longevity with its antiwear properties that protect the engine’s most sensitive parts.
  • This oil contains detergent and dispersive additives that keep the engine clean and thus preserve its power.
  • Its excellent fluidity is perfectly adapted for cold starting in extreme weather conditions and ensures good protection of mechanical parts at high temperature.
  • Its exceptional fluidity reduces friction and therefore creates signicant fuel savings and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Tech Spec

  • Finol Challenge Pro 5W/40 meets the following International & OEM Specifications:
  • ACEA C3
  • MB 229.52
  • BMW LL-04
  • Renault RN 0700-0710
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