Lubricants dedicated to commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles are exposed to the most extreme driving conditions and as a consequence demand a lubricant that will meet and exceed their requirements. They also operate in a business environment that demands the lowest operating cost possible. Fluids are essential to maintaining the health of your fleet: oil will keep the moving parts of your engine lubricated and coolants to manage the temperature. Choosing the right lubricant can be the difference in your fleet performing at an optimum level, or increasing your costs. The broad range of commercial vehicle lcommercial vehiclesubricants that Finol supply has been designed to meet both needs. Below we will highlight the benefits of using Elf and Total engine oils, available in Ireland today from Finol Oils.

Elf Performance Range

The Elf performance range is specifically designed to protect your engine and potentially reduce your maintenance costs. Steeped in innovation and advancing technology, the Elf performance range provides long-term engine productivity, immediate protection from startup and also help to reduce vehicle pollutant emissions. The latest developments in engine and after treatment systems have put greater demands upon the lubricants required and this specialised range of products are designed to meet these challenges.Elf work side by side with some of the leading manufacturers in the world

Total Rubia Tir

The Total Rubia Tir lubricants are one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market. all manufacturer approved, meet the needs of multi-vehicle fleets. Designed to comply fully with the ACEA and API specifications and environmental demands of the latest generation of diesel engines conforming to EURO I, II, IV, V and VI including EGR, SCR and DPF engines. Available in mineral, semi-synthetic

Why Choose Finol

The leading supplier of lubricants in Ireland, Finol has been marketing and distributing lubricants for commercial vehicles. With over 40 years’ experience, our industry knowledge allows us to deliver a product and service that is unrivalled within this sector. This experience has helped to develop highly valuable and sought-after industry expertise and constant dependability to all of our customers. Finol offers a complete range of engine oils, transmission oils, greases, hydraulic systems, coolants and antifreeze for fleet/transport vehicles. Our innovative and cutting-edge products include the Total Rubia Tir range, a manufacturer approved engine oil that fully complies with ACEA, API and JASO specifications and the latest environmental demands of modern generation diesel engines. To find out more about our range of commercial lubricants click here to contact us or you view the full range by clicking here.




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