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Grease 101: Choosing the Right Base Oil

The Anatomy of GreaseLubrication, whether achieved with oil or grease, follows the same basic principles; creating an oil film between two surfaces that move relative to each other. Reducing friction between such surfaces dramatically improves efficiency...

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Key Considerations for Choosing a Cutting Fluid

The Importance of the Right Cutting FluidSelecting the right cutting fluid is extremely important. Large amounts of heat are generated during the metal machining phase due to friction. To counteract this, cutting fluid is needed as it is designed specifically to act...

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Grease 101: What Makes a Good Thickener?

Grease is made up of three important components:GREASE = Base Oil + Thickener + Additives With the influx of new technology, it is extremely important to understand what you are putting in your machinery to ensure you get the right results. Our series of...

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Maintaining your Fleet: Truck Engine Oils

Understanding Fleet Engine OilsAs we have seen in previous posts, engine oil is an essential item when it comes to the health and performance of your vehicle. Choosing the wrong or an inferior product can lead to catastrophic and sometimes irreparable...

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Optimising Fleet Efficiency with Oil Analysis

Extend the Life of Your Fleet Haulage and bus companies can maximise the lifespan of their fleets, improve the productivity of their workshops, reduce downtime and even identify potential breakdowns before they occur through oil analysis. The purpose of...

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Protect Your Engine in Cold Weather

The Challenges of Cold Weather Driving January has seen some extremely cold temperatures, with icy conditions, frost and darker evenings a challenge on the road.  For all drivers and road users, it is extremely important importance of appropriate engine...

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