Oil For A Ford – Which Engine Oil is Best Suited to your Vehicle?

Some of the most popular vehicles in the market today are made by Ford. Whether it is the Focus, Fiesta, Mondeo or even the Transit, theseWhich Oil Logo vehicles are now ever-present on Irish roads. As technology advance and new engines are released, the oil that is needed changes too. Knowing which oil is required by your Ford is crucial as the oil is one of the most important elements in extending the life of your engine and increasing efficiency. The manufacturers of your Ford engine will highlight the type of oil needed for your vehicle in your owner’s manual, down to the viscosity grade needed, to its exact oil specification. But choosing the right engine oil can be confusing at best, with so many grades, types and quantities available. So whether it’s a 0W-30 or a 5W-30 engine oil, the Finol technical team will help you make sure you always choose the right oil for your Ford.

Different Oils Required by FordQuartz Ineo FDE 0W-30 for Ford

In previous years you need to look for a 5W/30 engine oil with the ACEA specifications A5/B5 & A1/B1 and that meet the FORD WSS-M2C913-D (backward compatible WSSM2C913-C, WSS-M2C913-B). However, as technology has advanced, some newer Fords have moved to a 0W-30 or may have an EcoBoost engine and require a 5W-20. This is why the first port of call is your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer has specified. For a fast and reliable check, you can use our  ‘Which Oil Lubricant Advisor. This state-of-the-art application will provide you with accurate results instantaneously.

In the table below you will find the OEM-approved products that we supply for the various Ford vehicles from TotalEnergies.


208L Barrel
20L Drum
Total Quartz INEO FDE 0W/30
ACEA: C2 | Ford Approvals: WSS-M2C-950-A, STJLR.03.5007
Total Quartz 9000 NFC 5W/30
ACEA: A5/B5 | Ford Approvals: WSS-M2C-913-D (backward compatible WSS-M2C-913-C, WSS-M2C-913-B), JAGUAR LAND ROVER STJLR.03.5003
Total Quartz Ineo Eco-B 5W/20
ACEA: A1/B1 | Ford Approvals: WSS-M2C-948-B

Fully Approved Total Oils for Ford Engines

For over 40 years, Finol has been providing products and services to the Irish market. To find out more about our fully approved range of Ford engine oils, talk to a member of our technical team today at 01-455 5484 or talk directly online with our webchat function, found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.