Total Rubia with T.I.R Technology

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Engineering the Future with Total Rubia T.I.R TechnologyRubia Tir Technology

As we have demonstrated, commercial vehicles are faced with extreme driving conditions daily in an industry where downtime is detrimental in regards to operating costs. Chosen by OEMs and truck manufacturers worldwide, Total Rubia T.I.R (Total Protection, International Approvals and Reduced Costs) has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. T.I.R technology is specially developed with three-tier technological benefits (T.I.R) to bring the most out of your diesel fleet.

Total ProtectionTotal Engine Protection

Through intensive research and development, Total Rubia with T.I.R Technology protects engines against wear, corrosion, and deposits. T.I.R Technology ensures that:

  • Oil does not degrade under high temperatures and forms a durable film over metal surfaces to protect against oxidation and wear.
  • Innovative additives neutralise acids formed in the oil to protect against corrosion
  • Active molecules protect against harmful deposits (e.g., soot) by keeping them dispersed and preventing deposit build-up which causes wear and oil deterioration.


International Approvals

Performance against soot

Total Rubia T.I.R is engineered to exceed API standards and approved by the constructors who know the best for your trucks and buses.

Total Rubia T.I.R has a more significant number of approvals and more advanced approvals than competitors’ products, so you need few products for your multi-brand fleet, and they can meet the requirements of the most sophisticated engines in the market.




Reduced CostsDeposits and Wear Tests

You enjoy better fleet cost savings with a full suite of Total Fuel Economy engine oils, developed to improve engine life and performance while lowering servicing and running costs.

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