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    Commercial fleet Lubricants

    Lubrication plays a crucial role in the health and maintenance of your commercial vehicles. Choosing the wrong or an inferior product can lead to catastrophic and sometimes irreparable damage to your engine which can be costly to fix. On the other hand, a superior oil can greatly protect your vehicle. extend life and reduce downtime. This is extremely important in the everyday operations of your fleet, as downtime reduces productivity and profitability. In an industry where it is imperative that your truck or bus is on the road at all times compromising on quality can be disastrous.

    In today’s market, the biggest issue faced by fleet operators is downtime. Vehicles off the road lead to a loss in revenue and with the numerous operating conditions and business pressures currently affecting the industry, it can be catastrophic. Companies that are successful in this segment build their operation on a number of core principles such as high levels of reliability, efficiency and being competitive, but at the same time reducing their spending. For fleet managers, one of the most significant operating costs is fuel. A truck can notch up thousands of kilometres a month and even marginal gains to fuel economy can make a big difference to a companies spend.

    Total and Elf lubricants are tailored to meet all international standards and approvals of leading fleet equipment manufacturers. They can help you to improve the reliability and usability of your fleet and potentially reducing your operating costs due to their patented fuel economy technology.

    The Importance of Oil


    Finol provides an extensive range of high technology lubricants dedicated to the commercial vehicle sector including Total, Elf and Finol branded lubricants. Our range of products include: 


    • Engine Oil
    • Gas Applications
    • Transmission Fluid
    • Gear Oil
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • Antifreeze & Coolants
    • AdBlue
    • Grease

    Total Rubia

    TOTAL RUBIA products have been strenuously tested and approved more than 200 times by the leading Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers Worldwide (Original Equipment Manufacturers -OEMs-)

    These product approvals certify that the Total Rubia range of engine oils are 100% compatible with the engine technology of the related manufacturers.

    Premium products and tailor-made solutions to increase your operational efficiency

    Through extensive research and development, Total Rubia has been specifically formulated to eradicate downtime while lowering maintenance costs. Thanks to it’s broad product range, Total Rubia has a product to suit your vehicle regardless of the operation or working environment. Trialled in real world conditions during fleet tests and approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers, the Total Rubia range now contains an unprecedented 200+ approvals.

    Backed up by the ANAC Fleet Management, a system based on used oil analysis, Total Rubia will ensure that your vehicle is on the roas when you need it most. Total develops tailor-made lubricants in its state of art R&D center in France. Products are developed in close collaboration with heavy vehicle manufacturers in order to match their sophisticated and most demanding technical requirements. The Total Rubia range of engine oils include:


    • Total Rubia Optima with Inno-Boost Technology
    • Total Rubia TIR with Pro-Efficient Technology
    • Total  Fleet with Clean-Shield Technology
    • Total Rubia Fuel Economy
    • Total Rubia for Gas Applications

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      Finol Oils provide a comprehensive range of dedicated fleet lubricants, specifically designed to meet the extensive demands of your vehicles when you need them on the road. Their outstanding performance is the result of both extensive research and an unrivalled wealth of experience within the commercial vehicle sector.

      The Total and Elf range of lubricants meet the needs of the most demanding vehicles that require high-performing and sophisticated products no matter the generation. This is why Finol provides cutting-edge products, oils and fluids that meet or even exceed the main technical requirements of the original equipment manufacturers. The result is a comprehensive range of products that meet the requirements of the main commercial applications.

      The Total and Elf range of commercial fleet lubricants are available in Ireland from Finol Oils or through one of our resellers found nationwide. To find out more about our range of high technology products, speak with a member of our specialised team at 01-455 5484 or go to www.finol.ie/contact-us

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