Reduce your Tractors Downtime with Recommended John Deere Lubricants


The tractor is by far the single most important piece of machinery in the Agricultural industry. Downtime not only impacts productivity, it Trcotor Ploughing Fieldmeans missed opportunities in an industry that is seasonal and intensive and has drastic effects on livelihood. Maintaining equipment plays an essential role in not only reducing downtime but keeping equipment healthy and operational for longer. Engine Oil can be considered the lifeblood of machinery and is vital for Tractor engines that operate in extreme conditions and are put under an enormous amount of stress on a daily basis. As well as lubricating, engine oils need to protect against corrosion, oxidation and wear.

Which Oil Does my John Deere Need?

 John Deere, one of the most popular tractor brands in Ireland, needs an engine oil that not only that lubricates but ensures it runs at optimum levels. That’s why Finol Oils, the authorised partner of Total and Elf Lubricants in Ireland are highlighting the top lubricants to keep your machinery younger for longer. Total and Elf lubricants are specifically designed to meet all international standards and approvals of leading farming equipment manufacturers, including John Deere.

They can help you to improve the reliability and usability of your machinery, optimising the performance of your agricultural equipment and potentially reducing your operating costs. For farmers and agricultural contractors, the high performance of the lubricants mean a number of possible advantages including improved machinery performance, reduced maintenance costs, potentially extending oil change intervals and the long-term protection of equipment.

Depending on the John Deere machine that you are operating, multigrade engine oil and a backend/transmission oil will be required. These factors mean it is imperative that you are using the correct lubricants at all times. Before choosing a lubricant for your John Deere, always ensure that you consult the owners manual first. You can also speak to our dedicated technical team by calling 01-455 5484 or going to www.finol.ie/contact-us


Engine Oils

Total Tractagri, a range of engine oils specifically designed for the Agricultural Sector provide a number of benefits including extended drain periods, thermal stability and anti-corrosion properties to protect your John Deere Tractor in severe conditions.

ProductBulk208L Barrel20L Drum3x5L18x1L
Total Tractagri HDX FE 15W/30
ACEA: E7/E5 | Meets the Requirements of New Holland: NH 324H & 330H
Total Tractagri HDX 15W/40
ACEA: E7/E5 | Meets the Requirements of New Holland: NH 330H
Total Tractagri HDZ 10W/40
ACEA: E9/E7/E5 | Suitable for use in New Holland Engines
Total Tractagri HDX SYN FE 10W/30
ACEA: E4/E7/E5 | Suitable for use in New Holland Engine
Total Tractagri HDZ FE 10W/30
ACEA: E9/E7/E5 | Suitable for use in New Holland Engines
Total Tractagri HDX SYN 10W/40
ACEA: E7/E5 A3/B4/B3 | Suitable for use in New Holland Engines

Transmission/Backend Oils

The below table highlights a range of products including Dynatrans and Multagri Super, lubricants meeting a number of John Deere specifications including J20 A, J20 C and J20 D

ProductBulk208L Barrel20L Drum3x5L18x1L
Total Dynatrans MPV
API: GL-4 | Meets the Requirements of New Holland: NH 410B & 410C
Total Dynatrans VX FE
API: GL-4 | Meets the Requirements of New Holland: NH 410B & 410C
Total Dynatrans CVT
API: GL-4 | Meets the Requirements of New Holland: CNH MAT 3540

Introducing the New & Improved Which OilWhich Oil Logo

Through longterm research and analysis with our customers, Finol has been able to gather invaluable information that has allowed us to supply the go-to lubricants advisor tool on the market. Innovative features for Agricultural lookups include:

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Which Oil is available to all our customers as a free tool to ensure that you can choose the right lubricants for your tractor fast and most importantly, accurately. To find out more information about Which Oil go to www.finol.ie/about-which-oil/ or www.whichoil.ie.