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Hydraulic Oils

All Industrial applications, from enclosed gearbox oils to cutting machines. If you need oil for your factory or workplace machinery.

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Equivis ZS Range

The Equivis ZS range is a high viscosity range of - Read More


A very high-performance anti-wear hydraulic oils, - Read More

BioHydran TMP

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid complying with the E - Read More

Biohydran SE Range

Biohydran SE is a range of Biodegradable hydraulic - Read More

Hydraulic HV Range

The Finol Hydraulic HV range is a high viscosity - Read More

Hydraulic Oil LZ Range

With high performance and anti-wear properties, th - Read More

Hydran 10

Hydran 10 is a hydraulic Oil designed for use in s - Read More

Cirkan ZS Range

Cirkan ZS oils are mineral oils containing additiv - Read More