Elf Oil – A brand of Total Lubricants

Elf Oil a brand of Total can trace its origins back to 1939 when it was set up by the French government before been transferred to a private company in 1994. Elf merged with Total Lubricants in 2000 who are now the 5th largest oil company globally and the largest European lubricants company.ELF logo

Elf Oil has been a successful brand and a lot of its success is based on Elf’s values;

  • Expertise – Through its constant technological innovation.
  • Premium – Strongly anchored as a premium brand due to its high technology products.
  • Passion – Through strong motorsport passion over 50 years which overflows into their products.

Constant Technological innovation

Elf Oil’s history is steeped in advanced technology and innovation, being the first lubricant on the market to offer 15W grades 1976, first to launch ​detergent oils for diesel engines 1979 and the first to launch fuel economy oils 1993. Elf lubricant has always been on the cutting edge of technology and now as a brand of Total,  Elf products join a company with an identical aim, to be the most advanced and innovative lubricants on the market.

A History Steeped in Motorsport

Elf Lubricants are well-known from their history with motorsport across a number of disciplines in auto and moto. The two most notable are Elf’s involvement in Formula 1 and Moto GP.

Elf’s story in Formula one goes back to 1968 when Elf first appeared on the Matra car. Since than Elf & Renault have been partners in Formula 1 either when Renault had a team in the championship or through partnerships with teams that were running Renault engines. Through these partnerships, Elf is known for more than 150 Formula 1 victories. For elf it wasn’t just about having their name on the cars it has always been about providing the Lubricants & Fuels to improve the car’s performance and to constantly test these lubricants on and off the track to further advance them. These advancements were also used in the advancement of the lubricants on the shelf for everyday users on the road. Elf is still involved in today Formula 1 through its new parent company Total in their partnership with the Red Bull Formula 1 team the Renault F1 team.

Involved in motorcycle racing for over 30 years, Elf’s DNA is made up of competition. Elf established itself as a major brand in motorcycle racing from the start with Phil Read’s world title in 1974 while partnered with Elf. From this Elf went on to team up with Honda in 1984 and more recently with Kawasaki. AS with Formula 1 Elf was constantly working with the race teams to improve performance and these improvements are also included in the formulation of the Elf Moto range for on road users.


Elf OEM Approved Oils

Elf work very closely with some of the leading OEMs including their partners such as Renault, Dacia, Datsun & Kawasaki to ensure their entire product range carry’s approvals for the leading OEM manufacturers in all industries to ensure Elf Lubricant users are guaranteed a high-performance product that is approved for use in their car, van, truck, etc. whilst protecting their warranty. To ensure you are using the correct Elf oil you can use the Which Oil? Online app.




The Elf Lubricants Range

Steeped in the history of motorsport, Elf now has dedicated ranges for the Automotive, Motorcycle and Heavy-Duty industries built on the technology used to power some of highest performing vehicles in the world

For more details on any of the Elf Lubricants range you can contact Finol Oils in Dublin the official Elf distributor of Ireland.