HTX Prestige 20W-50

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  • Due to its high viscosity, HTX PRESTIGE 20W-50 ensures a constant oil film, even in hot weather, for optimal protection. Its mineral technology is especially effective for maintaining a strong film between
    the cylinder wall and the piston rings.
  • It reduces wear while providing a good compression ratio.
  • Compatible with most vintage car gaskets.
  • Oil losses are minimal due to its viscosity, perfectly suited to vintage vehicles.


  • Detergent level optimized to prevent the production of metal particles
    accompanied by gas detonation in the combustion chamber, as well as
    lacquer deposits.
  • Enhanced protection against wear due to its multi-grade technology,
    which prevents oil flow problems at low temperatures (due to excessive
    stress on the oil pump or, in some cases, insufficient oil at startup,
    causing the complete failure of the lubrication system).
  • Compatible with fuels for both standard and classic cars, and with
    synthetic and non-synthetic oils
  • Tech Spec


    Technical Data Sheet – Download
    Material Safety Data Sheet – Download