Moto Chain Paste

Very high performance paste for motorcycle chains

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* Specially designed for greasing transmission chains (all types of motorcycles).
* Fully suitable for different conditions (road and competition, on and off-road).
* Particularly recommended when the chain is subjected to very high stresses and to which external pollution is added (mud, water, etc).


* Successfully tested during the 99/2000 Motorcycle Grand Prix season: “the product adheres well to the chain and does not spleash”.
* The use of Elf Moto Chain Paste prolongs chain life.
* The paste provides maximum protection against chain corrosion.
* Elf Moto Chain Paste is insoluble in water, even salty water.
* Elf Moto Chain Paste has a very high shear resistance for maximum chain protection.
* A thin film of Elf Moto Chain Paste is sufficient.

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